M-STEP Testing is starting on Monday – INFO

Students in grades K-8 and 11 can access sample items through a Chrome browser at


Why Assess Students?

Student assessment is a hot topic of conversation, with diverse opinions on how, when, how much, with what tests, and for what purpose we assess students. Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. State and federal laws require schools to assess student learning every year in specific grade levels and subjects (see table at left).
  2. Annual assessments that are the same for all Michigan students give us information on how students are performing, and how well schools and districts are teaching students compared to those in other communities, states, and nations. This helps target supports and resources to students and schools that need them most. It also helps identify areas of success from which others can learn. This information and data are necessary with our goal to be a Top 10 education state.
  3. State standardized assessments do not measure everything important about a student, but they do measure how much a student knows in terms of our state’s content standards.

You can find more information about the M-Step from the Michigan Department of Education at:

M-Step Info

The state of Michigan created a parent letter regarding the M-STEP 2017. Please find it by following the link:

Parent Letter – MDE

The Michigan Department of Education has also created a video to inform parents:

Video for Parents

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