Welcome to a new exciting year at FLICS – First week letter

Today, we are closing in on the first week of school. It was a great first week.

Today, all students from Kindergarten to 5th grade received one of the backpacks donated by Mike Morse, in conjunction with the Meijer’s stores. Your child will bring one home tonight.

On Monday, the district has planned for all schools to start testing, so a baseline could be established that will identify areas to review after this long summer. Please, insure that your child is always well rested, ready to learn, from Mondays to Fridays.

Remember that FLICS does not celebrate birthdays in the school. Also, please refrain from bringing fast food to your child for lunch. Not even talking about the nutritional value of such food, it does create jealousy and issues in the lunchroom with other students. Please have your child bring a lunch in a lunchbox from home, or have your child eat the free (usually) hot lunch offered at school. You can find the menu on the DPS website.

FLICS parents have always been very generous with our teachers. Every class needs a variety of supplies to function. Parents have asked what they could bring for the class. Obviously, a box of tissues, some paper towels, and other such items are always welcome. Soon, the first child in the class will come down with a cold, and a nose will need attention.

Thank you for all that you do.

Have a wonderful week-end,

Mr. Ostertag



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