Our 8th graders meet a Holocaust survivor

Ms. B. Walker has our 8th grade students read the world renowned book “Night” from Elie Wiesel. As a highlight, our students have had the rare privilege to meet Mrs. Mania Salinger, one of the rare Holocaust survivor still among us. From a ghetto in Poland, to several Concentration/Extermination camps, she was envetually rescued by British soldiers at the Bergen Belsen camp.

Students were able to ask questions and get answer from someone who was there, lived it, and survived it.  Mrs. Salinger is the grandmother of Ms. Falk. We were honored to welcome her within our walls.

Mrs. Salinger wrote a book called “Looking Back” where she tells her story.

Thank you Mrs. Salinger, thank you Ms. Falk, thank you Ms. Walker for opening our students’ minds.

One can learn from books, one learns better by experience.


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